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Irina Liouber

Certified Clinical Thermography Technician

Registered Nurse Clinician





Irina's Background

Irina has a family history of breast cancer that motivated her to follow up on her breast health. After reviewing multiple researchers, she discovered the value of Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (Thermography) technology.


But unfortunately, in the Quebec area, this service wasn’t available, and the closest clinic is located in Toronto, so she had to travel far for her appointments. Therefore, Irina decided to provide this essential service to the region of Quebec.

Irina is the Clinical Director and Owner of Thermography Clinic Quebec.

She has spent more than twenty years working in the healthcare industry at various levels. She is a Certificated Clinical Thermography Technician (CTT), a Registered Nurse Clinician and a member in good standing with the Association of Registered Nurses of Quebec with a lot of experience in different fields.


Irina completed her training with the Canadian Association of Clinical Thermography at the Toronto Thermography Clinic Inc. under the direct training and supervision of Alexander Mostovoy, Board Certified Clinical Thermographer.


By combining scientific knowledge with her years of experience, she provides valuable service to a wide range of her clients with different kinds of health issues. She strongly believes this is a preventive screening that must be provided to the population. 


Alexander Mostovoy

Founder and President of Thermography Clinic Inc.


About Dr. Mostovoy

Alexander Mostovoy is a writer, researcher, and public speaker, and is recognized as a leading authority on the application of clinical thermography. Since 1999, he has pioneered the use of breast thermography in his clinic in Toronto, Canada with a special interest in breast thermography and women’s health. He is also a Founder and the CEO of Thermography Clinic Inc; a company that helps health professionals around the world integrate clinical thermography into their practices.
Alexander Mostovoy has lectured widely in both Europe, North and South America on the many aspects of clinical thermography. He is actively involved in educating physicians on the benefits of breast thermography as a breast-screening tool.

Specialties: Medical infrared thermography is a radiation-free, safe and painless process of screening for breast disease. In conjunction with mammography and other tests presently available, the early detection of breast cancer may be as high as 90%. Infrared breast thermography is a method of the earliest detection of breast abnormalities presently known.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate and reliable thermography services to our clients while ensuring their safety and comfort. 

One of the essential aspects of our role is to educate the clients about the thermography procedure and its benefits. Many people are not familiar with thermography and may have misconceptions about its effectiveness or safety.

Therefore, we take the time to explain the process and answer any questions that the clients may have. We also provide them with information about the specific type of thermography they will be undergoing, such as breast thermography or full-body thermography, and what to expect during the imaging session.


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